Please take a few minutes to look around this site – it’s fun!  Although there is a lot of Coyote / Roadrunner – related stuff and information in here, the main purpose of this site is so that you can read the screenplay / ebook for the upcoming fictional movie.  Genius!



To have a lovely spokesperson introduce you to this website and movie concept, please view the 2 minute video by clicking on the following youtube link:



Presenting the screenplay for:  “The Last Friends of Willie Coyote”

The movie’s speculative screenplay is available here to read now for free on this website under the  “Read Book / Screenplay”  page.

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All webpages are supported by translation in 66 languages.  The screenplay itself is translated in several languages with more being added as time permits.  To see which languages are supported so far, check the “Read Book / Screenplay” page and scroll way down.   If I see a country on the revolving map not yet supported or a request is made, check later and I will add it. 

The ebook is available for free on all e-readers, tablets, Ipads, phones, etc.  While it’s listed on Amazon (kindle) please feel free to read the updated screenplay right here on a pdf file directly from this website… just scroll down on the  “Read Screenplay” page… registration or signing in is not required!