NOTICE:  This ebook is written in a screenplay format.  Although it is a more intensive read, I tried to make it as “reader friendly” as possible.  It usually takes at least a few pages to get used to this format and by then you should know if you like (or can at least endure) reading a story like that or not.  I thought it would be interesting to present the story in a screenplay format so that you could see how movies are written, but please keep in mind that this format is not for everyone.


There are several ways to read the ebook from this website.  They are all free (scroll down for different country languages). 


If you did enjoy the story, please click on the Amazon link below, download the free ebook and either rate the story with stars and/or write a short review if you can.


For the latest and most up-to-date version, simply click on the “Read Screenplay” page on this website.  It will take you directly to a 129 page pdf file of the story.


To read it on Amazon (kindle), click on the below blue lines.  You may have to register with Amazon.  Please rate the ebook there if you liked it.    note: you do not need a kindle to download the ebook on Amazon.


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Additionally, different languages will be added below as time permits.  Please allow a few minutes after downloading before scrolling or scrolling may be jerky. 

Please note:  the translations provided below are not accurate and may be hard to understand.  The google machine translation is terrible and I will see if I can get a better service.  You should get the main idea of the story but please understand that at about 40-60% of what you are reading is not the way I actually wrote it.  These automated translations are horrible but they are the best I can do for right now.  If you would like to see just how bad (and funny) it can get, click on this translation site and type in anything to see how it looks after translation.


to read the webpages themselves (not the script) in a language other than english, try using the google translater at the top of the page.  to read the script itself, use one of the following links but keep in mind the translations are horrible.















      (Netherlands/Belguim – Dutch)




  (Bengali – Bangladesh)



I did take some small departures from “studio perfect” screenplay formatting to make it an easier and more understandable read than most other screenplays (extra lines, spaces, terms),  but it is certainly “within the spirit” of proper script formatting.

You may want to review this website’s page “screenplay terms” so you will know what a few of the terms mean before you read the story.

Please leave a comment afterward if you liked the story.  Please remember that the material is copyrighted and as such do not copy or distribute it without prior permission.

However, you are encouraged to share this website’s name / url with your friends so they can come come here directly to read the story.  Also feel free to copy or distribute the book cover / movie lobby picture (this website’s url is listed on it).

Please do not forget to leave a comment if you liked the story.   I hope that you do.

stephen thor

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