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the tumblr sites below contains the most interesting (and near-endless) mix of pictures, sketches, illustrations, videos, cartoons and other wile e. coyote related items i have ever seen.  the pages are different but do have some repetitions, however there are items which are unique to each page.  it’s a must see!


wile e. coyote gets ruled against in night court!


A game called “Coyote Chase”.  undoubtedly one of the best 3d games ever of wile chasing the roadrunner down the road.  see it from wile’s view as you chase the Roadrunner!  you will have to download the unity web player but it is well worth it.  my favorite!


and in this game  “Wild About Wile E.”,  you get to be the Roadrunner being chased by Wile.  Don’t let him catch you!


a great place for kids to hang out… fun, games, wile e. coyote stuff and much more!


help wile roll down a hill to catch the roadrunner!


Chuck Jones himself draws Wile and the Roadrunner in minutes using a pencil and explains while drawing several details of his creation of these beloved characters.  It is an amazing archive of an incredibly gifted man.  (credit: Chuck Jones Redux).


the following is a webring for fans of wile e. coyote and the roadrunner.  games, info and fun!


albino roadrunner.  one of the two roadrunners in script is albino

roadrunner “pointing” it’s tail, similar to how one of the two roadrunners in the screenplay points it’s tail down a road to guide Willie where to go.

photo by:  W. Carnahan


website header image video:

following video by Dan Solomon, titled  “Wanted”

click on below blue line to view.  may have to click on “play” button and wait a minute while it loads.


soundboard of the rare times when wile e. coyote talked.


Wile files a civil lawsuit against Acme for personal damages he incurred while using their products:


a fun and colorful game doing what wile does best… fall.


remember the “shoot the star” carnival bb gun game?  from what I hear, this is what willie uses to hone his shooting skills.


slides from a wile e. coyote/roadrunner viewmaster.  the detail is amazing!


a simple and fun Roadrunner coloring page for your kids.  they will want you to look at it when they are done so you can be proud of them!  (scroll down a little on the page to get to it.)


Chuck Redux… “All Things Chuck Jones”  /  A look at the past, present and future of Chuck Jones’s legacy.  You can’t miss this one!


here is some information on some classic video game systems for the Roadrunner and Wile E.   they are downloadable elsewhere on the web, as well as countless classic cartoons on youtube.  just a nostalgic look into the past on some of these early Roadrunner games…


A 1977 Midway Roadrunner Arcade game:


A game where you can guide wile e. on his rocket!  hint:  if you get stuck, just leave the down arrow button pressed down.


A Wile E. Coyote fan page:


Build and fly a rocketship to the moon, just like…


And everything Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner for sale in ebay.


texas roadrunner scratch-off lottery tickets.  shown for art purposes only.

to see texas roadrunner lottery scratch-off ticket, click on the below blue “scan0003 link.  it is the “non-void” version of the one right below it.  the roadrunner is the same but with different background scenery.  for some reason, all the roadrunner/coyote lottery tickets are only from texas.


coyote cash casino game


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