Perhaps you do not have the time to mull your way through a 2+ hour script.  Or maybe reading a screenplay is not as enjoyable to you as reading as a novel.

Or perhaps my story was “not your cup of tea”.

Perhaps you would like to see another or a completely different view of Wile’s life?  An alternate story about his existence or fate?  Have no fear.

Clicking on the blue words below will take you to a site where you can read a short story (written by another author) about what happened in Wile’s life.  It’s a completely different kind of story.
It addresses a concept that has often crossed my mind.  What would happen if Wile did ever catch the Roadrunner?  What would he do then with himself? How would he spend his days and his life without the most important thing in it gone?

It seems to fall into a pg-13+ area and is a little more salty than my story, so it’s not a story for kids or tweens.  But it is an exceptionally well-written piece and the author is well-accomplished with many other great works in a sci-fi genre.


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